The Notorious and Unlicensed Bookmaker George Freeman

George Freeman was a very successful bookmaker in Australia, despite the fact that he operated illegally. Because he was ready to take bets of any amount, he was able to attract a large number of customers and keep them satisfied. The most of Freeman’s life was spent as a “free man,” despite the fact that he had a number of run-ins with the authorities during his life, no one was ever able to successfully convict him of anything significant.

Continue reading this in-depth biography for additional information about George Foreman, including his early life, the illegal bookmaking company he ran, and the circumstances behind how he became one of the most wanted criminals in Australia. Specifically, this section covers his boyhood. We can guarantee that you will learn something that you were previously unaware of.

The Beginning Years

In the midst of the Great Depression, on January 22, 1935, George Freeman was born in Annandale, Australia. At the time, Australia was still a British colony. Freeman’s father left the family when he was just a little child, forcing Freeman, his mother, and his two siblings to fend for themselves. Freeman’s father never returned to the family. Due to the fact that his mother did not have a career that paid well, his family was compelled to relocate to a poor neighborhood, and they sometimes went to night hungry.

His mother subsequently remarried a guy who had an extensive history of criminal activity. This new stepfather was often on the run from the law and frequently asked Freeman and his brother to lie to the authorities about his location. Freeman’s mother finally wedded the man. In other instances, he would go so far as to coerce Freeman into playing a little part in his criminal activities. Other times, he would just use Freeman as a diversion while he robbed different businesses, banks, and residences.

Freeman was required to spend two years of probation for his thefts and was kicked out of two separate schools before he was twelve years old. Following the conclusion of his probationary time, he left school to take a job on a farm in the area.
His primary duty was to take care of the horses, which included providing them with food and water, giving them baths, and ensuring that their stalls were cleaned on a regular basis. He was driven into a life of crime from a young age and made every effort to get clear of it throughout his adult life.

It’s unfortunate, but old habits are difficult to break. He didn’t earn a lot of money working on the farm, so on the weekends he would go to the local saloons and try to hustle folks while they were playing pool.
While he was there, he became involved with a rowdy crowd and resumed his previous criminal behavior.
After being apprehended for the third time, he was sentenced to a combined total of two years of incarceration in the Mount Penang Training School and the Tamworth Boys’ Home. The expectation was that he would learn appropriate social behavior and be kept off the streets by attending one of these institutions.

Freeman detested the boys’ home and made no attempt at all to modify the ways in which he behaved, despite the fact that this was a fine idea in principle. In order to give the impression that he had appendicitis, he pretended to have stomach discomfort and then drank a bar of soap, which caused him to run a very high temperature. since of his falsehoods, he had to have his appendix removed, but he didn’t mind since it gave him an excuse to be away from the house where the boys lived for a few weeks.

Converting to an Unlicensed Bookmaker

After meeting and marrying a lady called Marcia Bedford in 1963, Freeman’s life of crime remained unabated until that point. He was well aware that in order to have a family with her, he would want a more consistent source of income. He had previous expertise dealing with horses, therefore he made the decision to become a bookmaker for the sector that deals in horse racing.

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