The Phoenix Graveyard Machine

Analyzing the Phoenix Graveyard Slot

It’s understandable if the term “Phoenix Graveyard” threw you for a loop; after all, isn’t the defining characteristic of a phoenix that it can emerge from the ashes? Yes, but ELK Studios has chosen a completely different direction with this game. The action of the Phoenix Graveyard slot machine takes place in a cemetery in a city with the same name. Surprisingly, a Phoenix can also be seen on the reels. This slot is a good illustration of the bizarre mix of themes and genres that populate the internet, as it has an absurdly high number of paylines, some of the most fascinating best online slot bonuses, and substantial winning potential. To investigate, I’ve played the Phoenix Graveyard slot machine.

Game Design for a Phoenix-Themed Online Slot Machine

The gloomy undertones of the graveyard in ELK Studios’ title have been amplified. The slot is located in an ancient, creepy village where the mist settles below the reels and the homes are crumbling. Beautiful animations bring the whole thing to life. The gloomy reaper makes an appearance on the reels and goes on a killing spree. The eponymous Phoenix soars in as a Wild symbol, brightening up an otherwise dreary scene. The whole visual is fairly stunning and beautifully put together, however the darker color scheme and dismal feel might not appeal to everyone and represent a departure from ELK Studios’ usual style.

Instructions for the Online Slot Game “Phoenix Graveyard”

The Phoenix Graveyard slot game is an example of the innovative design choices made by ELK Studios. The game is played on a 5×3 grid, the same as in most of the best online slot machines, but the rules are subject to rapid modification. Random locations on the reel will be encased in tombstones, revealing a numerical value. Then, the reel symbols will divide themselves into that many pieces, so multiplying the number of possible paylines. There are 243 possibilities to win in the base game, but that number may increase dramatically during free spins. The developers at ELK Studios boast that there are “millions” of chances to win in their slot game, but they don’t specify how many.

Phoenix Graveyard offers a conventional betting range, with players able to place bets between $0.20 and $100. Other than those two exceptions, the slot is very ordinary, giving the usual Autoplay and Turbo modes.

The Mobile Slot Game Phoenix Graveyard

Phoenix Graveyard’s one-of-a-kind gameplay may be enjoyed on a variety of platforms. The game can be played on a variety of mobile browsers and works flawlessly with both the Android and iOS platforms. Very little adjustments are done to the game in order to make it work on a smaller screen, thus the gameplay stays mostly same. Mobile access is a standard feature at most of the newest online slot sites, so there should be no trouble finding a place to spin the reels.

Extras in the Phoenix Graveyard Slot Machine

The Phoenix Graveyard online slot game provides players with a wide variety of options. Wilds and free spins are the game’s main features. The game has two different Wild Symbols, the Phoenix and the Grim Reaper. Both of them have their uses, and they have unique traits. When the Grim Reaper Wild appears on reels 3, 4, or 5, free re-spins are awarded. While in re-spin mode, it transforms into a Walking Wild that may slash high-value symbols, splitting them. The free spins will continue until the Grim Reaper leaves the screen.

During these respin rounds, the Phoenix Wild will remain in place. These will move to different spots on the reels at random after each spin. They will use the number on the tombstone as a multiplier if they fall on it.

If two Wilds appear on neighboring reels, a showdown will ensue. Then, either one of them receives an x2 multiplier, or the Phoenix flies away, leaving behind a feather that becomes a new Wild.

When three or more Scatter Symbols appear, the Bonus Spins feature begins. Six free games are awarded for one Phoenix Wild, eight for two, and ten for three Scatters. Wherever the Bonus Symbols fell, Phoenix Wilds will emerge and stay in place for the length of the round. As usual, they’ll be all over the place. During the round, Tombstone Symbols will also get sticky.

Players may also have access to the X-iter feature, albeit its availability will vary per region. This opens up the possibility of playing the game for a wide range of stakes. There are five choices, each with its own price and set of ever more powerful modifications and benefits. The Super Bonus, which costs 500 times the wager and guarantees five bonuses on the following spin, is the most expensive.

Max Bet, RTP, and Volatility on the Phoenix Graveyard Slot

The return to player percentage of 95% in Phoenix Graveyard is lower than the average for online slot machines. The highest payout is ten thousand times the total wager. This sum is generous and sure to win over some gamers. The position is notorious for its unpredictability.

Synopsis of Phoenix’s Graveyard Slot

ELK Studios’ Phoenix Graveyard is a unique and fun online slot. Though its gloomier atmosphere isn’t for everyone, the game’s bonuses and mechanics make it a must-try at the best online casinos for slots. With two Wild Symbols that complement each other so well and so many possibilities to win, this game is sure to be a hit with players.

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